FAQs for the General Public

Where can I get tickets? How much are tickets?
The best source for tickets is your school’s band director or band booster president.

How do I order videos and pictures from the NYSFBC Championship show?
The NYSFBC does NOT sell videos or photos from ANY YEAR. However, photos and video from select years can be purchased directly from the vendors.

Videos will be available for purchase from Box 5 Media. (http://www.box5.com)

Photos may be purchased from Jolesch Photography (http://www.bandgroupphotography.com).

How are the bands judged?
The bands are judged by highly qualified individuals that are certified by the NYS Federation of Contest judges. A minimum of seven judges adjudicate each weekly NYSFBC contest with a double panel for the Championship show.

General Effect Visual – 20 points Total
Ensemble Visual – 20 points Total
Field Visual – 10 points Total (20 divided by 2)
General Effect Music – 20 points Total
Ensemble Music – 20 points Total
Field Music – 10 points Total (divided by 2)
Timing and Penalty Judge officiates the competition

Can I take pictures at NYSFBC shows?
Yes. Still pictures are allowed at all shows as long as the flash feature is turned off on your camera. The flash on a camera can interfere with the performance and the safety of the performers.

Can I take videos at NYSFBC shows?
No. Each band is videotaped by designated staff member for educational purposes. Audience members are NOT allowed to video tape bands due to copyright regulations.

Can I bring noise makers and banners to your shows?
The NYSFBC encourages an audience etiquette similar to that of attending an outdoor symphony concert so that everybody can enjoy the performance and appreciate the hard work that went in to creating each band’s show. Noise makers and banners that detract from the live performance are highly discouraged.

Who should I contact, I have concerns about the NYSFBC policies, judging, etc.?
You should contact your local NYSFBC member band director. The NYSFBC serves its local band programs through their directors.

FAQs for Band Directors

How do I join the NYSFBC?
NYSFBC Membership Application

Application for membership in the NYSFBC shall be made in writing to the President. The school’s principal and band director shall sign the application for membership. The annual dues shall accompany this application.

How do I register to compete in the NYSFBC?
If you are a director of a band that wishes to participate in the NYSBFC, you should contact the Conference for complete details.

I want to bring my band to one local show, do I need to pay fees?
No. Any high school band may participate in ONE local show for free.

As a director of a NYSFBC member band, what important dates do I need to know?
NYSFBC meeting dates: Regents Wednesday in January , 3rd Wednesday in March , Regents Wednesday in June , last or next to last Sunday in August .
Show host applications due by March 15th
Copyright forms due by June meeting
Copyright documentation due by August meeting
Annual Membership Dues by September 1st.

What is the classification philosophy of the NYSFBC?
The classification philosophy of the NYSFBC is to allow its membership to compete in classes of similar “competitive potential” with the understanding that every member has its own unique situation. Furthermore, the classes should be based on the competitive potential of the membership.

How many categories is the NYSFBC divided into and what is the dividing point between large school and small school?
The NYSFBC membership is to be divided into six categories with 4000 students K-12 being the dividing point separating Large & Small schools.

Small School III , Small School II , Small School 1
Large School III , Large School II , National Class

How is the championship performing order determined?
The order of appearance for the Championship Show is done by random draw, unless a class wishes to use the seeding procedure. The seeding procedure will consist of the average of the highest two NYSFBC scores by the end of week #4 of the season.

How do I get copyright permission for my music arrangements?
There are a few ways you can obtain copyright permission such paying a company like “Copycat Music Licensing” or you can go through the Hal Leonard copyright department and they can help you determine who to contact for copyright permission. BMI and ASCAP are also very valuable resources to consider.